Studio Policy



As the teacher I will create a safe environment where students can become independent and confident musicians. Students will be expected to give their all. Technique is very important. We will never overlook basic principles, rhythm, fingering or correct hand position. We will begin learning from the book “Fun From The First”. In this book we will learn the importance of technique, and practice placing of the hands and good posture. I will also teach from Suzuki. Suzuki will help with the rhythm, the fingering and making sure everything is played with 100 percent exactness. These method books are all very technical.

In the beginning stages I expect the parent to work along side their child. Parents should come to lessons with a notebook to record things that they can help their child practice during the week. Lessons for beginners typically last 30 minuets.

Advanced students attend lessons on their own. They should be completely responsible for their own progress. These students should be independent and learn how to be responsible over their own practicing.


Tuition is based on the amount of time required for each student’s lesson. It is expected that students will have 4 lessons a month. I require that lessons are to be paid for at the beginning of each month.

We will set a time aside each week for private lessons. We will hold to that time, however if there is a reason that you can not make it to the lesson I require that the lesson is canceld 24 hours in advanced. If the lesson is canceld before 24 hours then we can arrange another time during the week to make up the lesson. If the lesson is not canceled before 24 hours the student will still be charged the full lesson amount.


Twice a year students will be involved in a festival or a recital. Depending on the circumstance of that year there may be a recital in December for Christmas or June before Summer Break. I strongly suggest that my students participate in harp festivals. There may be a slight fee for entering festivals that will come as an extra cost to the student. Learning to perform is an excellent way to learn to control your nerves and it helps the student become a more confident musician.