Special Events


Why Hire a Harpist for your Special Event?

Having a harp at your next event will add elegance and style to any party.   

In addition to weddings, live harp music works beautifully as background music at many other types of events, such as dinner parties, holiday parties, corporate events, wedding/baby showers, anniversaries, christenings, romantic evenings, and has a very gentle soothing effect at funerals and memorial services. Bethany can play just about anything  from Broadway music to classical. 

What Bethany Provides For Your Special Event:

A Free Phone consultation to choose music and answer any questions you may have.

20-30 minutes of prelude music as guests are arriving

Special music for the seating of the grandparents & parents (if desired)

Processional Music for the Bridal Party & the Bride

Musical Interlude or Special Song During Ceremony (if desired)

Recessional Music for Entire Bridal Party at end of Ceremony

5-10 minutes of postlude music while guests depart OR Receiving Line (if desired)

Bethany takes special requests. She will need at least one weeks notice to find the and learn the music before your event. 

PLEASE NOTE: There may be additional fees for unexpected variations from what is indicated here.  Also, attending wedding rehearsals can be made possible however there will be an additional charge to do so. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor Events

Playing Conditions the Harp:  Due to its size and delicate nature, the harp requires certain environmental considerations to keep it safe and prevent damage.  In general, about 5 or 6 square feet of space is needed. 

        Outside: Bethany has played in many outdoor events and it is very possible. With a little thought, care, and pre-planning, having the harp at an outdoor event can be truly fabulous.  Here are the main factors involved:  (1) The harp will need to be on dry, level ground.  If the ground is grass or gravel or something like that, I have some small rugs that can be placed under the harp to protect it from the ground itself. (2) The harp will need to be completely in the shade and protected from any potential precipitation.  (3) The location for the harp needs to be accessible enough by vehicle that the harp doesn’t have to be carried or carted a very long way (this can be discussed).  (4)  If there is some protection from heavy winds it’ll also be helpful.  (5)  Extreme cold or heat will be difficult on the harp, and when the temperature gets below approximately 62 degrees fahrenheit it will make it virtually impossible for me to play as my hands will stiffen up and I won't be able to move my fingers well. 

     Inside:  There are a few main considerations about playing inside: (1) Stairs – If there are a lot of stairs leading to the spot where you want the harp to be, I’ll need help carrying it up and down.  Organ/choir lofts are particularly difficult, and if they can be avoided it’d be better; if they can't be avoided, I'll need two strong men to carefully carry the harp for me.  (2) Heating / air-conditioning:  Being too close to either of these can be very dangerous for the instrument, so it’s best to avoid it if we can.  (3) Power sources:  

Sound (Being Able to Hear the Harp) & Lighting

I am prepared to play with or without amplification, depending on the situation we may need to mic the harp. Many venues have a microphone that we can use. If the venue does not provide this Bethany can bring her own equipment but please note that will be an additional charge. 

Please also let her know if there will be low lighting so that she can be prepared with a stand light. 

Availability & Pricing

Please contact Bethany at bethybrie@gmail.com and provide me with the following information:

- Date & Time of Your Event

- Type of Event
- Name of Venue and Location
- If this is for a wedding, please be specific about whether it's for the ceremony, something additional or different.

- Any special requests 

Bethany will get back to you as quickly as she can with a quote.

What Is The Hiring Process?

Once the details have been discussed  and if you want to make it official, Bethany will send you a copy of the contract through email or a copy in the mail.  When she has received the signed contract and a 50% deposit, then your event is officialy booked!  The remaining 50% balance payment will be due ten (10) business days ahead of the event. Bethany accept checks, cash, Venmo, and Apple Pay. 

Please let her know any other questions you may have!